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The Homeless Connect resource guide was created in conjunction with the Jackson, MS Homeless and Housing Alliance (Continuum of Care) to help identify the services available in our community for those who are homeless.


There is a wide array of homeless services available; including meals, housing, clothing, showers, medical care, mental health services, and different types of housing. However, each person experiencing homelessness has a unique set of needs. Please read through the criteria very carefully for all the listed services.


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Hinds County Division of Human Services


Human services offers help with: Emergency, Self-Sufficiency, Intervention and Homeless Services.


An individual or family applying for services must provide verification of income and assets, as well as, two forms of identification and verification of bills.


Services are accessed through three main offices located in ???. Arrangements can be made with the social worker to meet with an individual if transportation into the office is a barrier. There are no fees for most programs administered.





Jackson, MS Veterans Services


Veterans Services assists and counsels former and current members of the Armed Forces who reside in Jackson, MS.


Services include assistance in preparing and filing claims for benefits for which they are entitled under federal, state, and local laws. Dependents and survivors of present or former members of the Armed Forces may be eligible for the services of this program.







 Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, or just looking for resources, 211 can help!



The Food Pantry is managed by Toni Jones and volunteers who shop, pick up and stock the pantry with groceries and distribute them to people in our community requiring food assistance. If you are in need of groceries for your family, please contact us at 769.257.0815.


Financial donations, as well as donations of non-perishable food items such as canned vegetables, fruit, soup, and boxed cereals, are greatly appreciated.



The Healing Place is working to end the cycle of homelessness by providing homeless men, women and families with a safe environment, programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and independence without regard to race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.


SONS OF SOLOMON (SOS) and DAUGHTERS OF ESTHER (DOE) are programs that assists by providing transitional housing to men, women and families. Through counseling, education and training, participants in this program are taught basic life skills, and receive vocational training and career development assistance as they prepare to re-enter the community as self sustaining adults.


We always welcome your tax deductible donations of property to provide more housing for those in transition. Please contact us to change a future!




 If you are considering going to college to get a degree you must have a diploma or a GED to attend school. THP offers GED classes to help people prepare to take the test. Most of the classes are general review to help you prepare. There is a nominal fee for the classes unless you meet the income criteria for free classes.



THP works with some secondary education institutions to allow those seeking to further their education in a particular field. Once you've received your high school diploma or GED we will work with you to best advise you on your career choice and work to get you started in that field of study.



Do you have a trade or know that you are good in a particular area that could sustain you and your family financially? Well we have several apprentice programs as well as trade classes that just might fit you!



Financial brokenness is one of the leading causes of homelessness and family problems. THP is dedicated to all those who want healing in any aspect of the word. By dedicating to the total healing of a person, financial education is one of the ways we aide in this part of the healing. We believe that when one is taught how to manage their finances, they are better able to take control of their circumstances, improve their quality of life, and ensure a more stable future for themselves and their families. By partnering with organizations like NEFE, THP educates individuals and families on financial decision making through every stage of life.


All transitional housing participants are automatically registered in the courses. Should you, your church/ministry, organization, group, or company want to participate in our classes or want us to bring the classes to you, please don't hesitate to contact us.



The Healing Place has preferred doctors for every specialty. These doctors have proven to be concerned for the individuals and their well being above financial gain. We work with individuals and families to get them the treatment they are in need of. If you are in need of assistance and don't have finances, insurance, medicaid or medicare, we will assist you in getting you and/or your family on a program or a sponsorship so that you may receive the necessary medical treatment.



Programs that pay for provide and/or repair basic household, work-related and personal necessities for people who need them. Also included are organizations that provide office equipment and supplies for individuals and businesses, operate lost and found services where people can retrieve lost possessions or make commodities broadly available to the community at large.



Programs that provide for the basic transportation needs of the community including the local and long-distance conveyance of people and goods, and special arrangements for older adults, people with disabilities and other community residents who have no personal transportation and are unable to utilize public transportation. Also included are programs that provide information, emergency assistance and other supportive services to meet the needs of tourists, travelers and other visitors.



Organizations that provide electric, natural gas, home heating fuel, telephone, water, sewer or cable services for residential and business consumers; manage the connection and repair of utility services; and/or offer financial assistance or other forms of support for people who are at risk of having their utilities shut off.